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SAVL Update: Tournaments

The SAVL is committed to providing quality and safe competition options for the 2020.21 juniors season.  We are talking with other power leagues and directors from across the country on safety protocols and options that provide the maximum amount of safety for our athletes and families.  

From smaller pool size to single day events, we are committed to bringing normalcy back to the lives of volleyball players across the southeast.

We also ask for personal responsibility from our teams and spectators as it relates to attendance while not feeling well, keeping distance when possible and waiting away from the court/outside when not playing. 

The SAVL will:

Encourage wearing masks for spectators and teams when they aren't competing

Not switch sides during the match or shake hands before/after

Have sanitizer at every court and encourage hand washing throughout the day

Sanitize game balls throughout the day (between sets/matches)

Registration is now open through AES.

2021 Power Event Information

2021 Club Level Information

jrvbassociation JVA jrvbassociation

Southeast Alliance Volleyball League (SAVL)

Welcome to the JVA sponsored Southeast Alliance Power League and Club League. SAVL formed for clubs in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee areas. Our goal is to provide nationally recognized competition through a league in our area. Team rankings will be maintained throughout the 5 month league and teams can move up and down the competitive ladder to get the best competition for each team. All Power level tournaments are 2 day events culminating in a League Championship. Club Level League events are 1 day or 2 day events (4 total) finishing at a 2 day convention style Championship event.

BALLERTV to stream SAVL events for next 3 years

The SAVL (Southeast Alliance Volleyball League) has named BallerTV the Official Video and Streaming Provider for the SAVL.  This partnership will run through the 2023 season. 

“BallerTV is partnering with many of the best tournaments and organizations in the country and we feel this is a great addition to the SAVL.  BallerTV’s capabilities provides a great recruiting opportunity for our high school aged athletes in the SAVL as well as viewing opportunities for all – which is vital during the current COVID-19 restrictions.” - Corey Helle, SAVL

“The SAVL is excited to begin working along side one of the best video and streaming providers in the country.  BallerTV is establishing itself as one of the premium values to tournaments, athletes and families across the country.  Whether you’re an athlete, parent, or  coach, you will receive real value by having our SAVL events serviced by BallerTV.  The live streaming quality is tremendous and they (BallerTV) are a well respected name.”  - Alex Sing, SAVL


Learn  more about BALLER TV by visiting their website here. 


What coaches are saying about SAVL tournaments...

"I love how the SAVL power tournaments are uniquely formatted to allow for a high level of competition over two days.  We don't miss school and there is no Stay-to-Play policy.  The SAVL is just great competition in a relaxed atmosphere against some of the best clubs in the south."



We hope you and your families, and those close to you, are healthy and safe as we all try to navigate these challenging times. Remember, attendance by parents/grandparents is optional at our volleyball events.  If attending, please be sure to continue to practice good “social distancing”, carefully wash your hands and face as often as possible, wear a mask, and be careful to avoid getting inside of 6 feet from people you don't know.  As always (not just for C19), if you are not feeling well, please stay home and watch on BallerTV. 


Mark your calendar for 2021!

Mark your calendars for the 2021 season!  Going to be our best yet!  We are committed to working WITH clubs to make tourney day the easiest, stress-free day of the week.  

January Tournament:
2/3 Icebreaker SAVL Power and Club #1
9th  NEW: Single Day Tourney Event - all ages
16th/17th/18th  Winter Bump (MLK) - Grand Strand
23rd NEW: Single Day Tourney Event - all ages


6th and 7th Alliance Classic SAVL Power #2
13th SAVL Champion Challenge Club #2
20th  NEW: Single Day Tourney Event - all ages
27th and 28th Alliance Classic SAVL Club #3
6th and 7th Spring Madness SAVL Power # 3 and Club #4
13th NEW: Single Day Tourney Event - all ages
20th and 21st Dixie Classic - Xcel, GSJ, Stars
27th and 28th  
April 3 and 4 EASTER Weekend
10th NEW: Single Day Tourney Event - all ages
17th and 18th SAVL Spring Championships

2020 SAVL National Rankings (as of Jan 15, 2020)

Southeast Alliance Volleyball League Name Sponsors

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